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10 feb 2005: Logical Desktop is now superseded by OneFinger, a similar project.

Welcome to the home page of Logical Desktop.

What is it?

Logical Desktop is a desktop environment. A "desktop environment" is a program that allows you to do many different things with your computer, but in a consistent way. Desktop environments can be seen as a "dogma" of how things should be done, and how they should look and feel.

Examples of desktop environments are KDE, Gnome, the Windows interface, etc.

In Logical Desktop, like in all desktop environments, you work by composing actions made of one verb and one or more objects (e.g. "Print" is the verb, and the objects are the printer, the files to print, and the program used for printing).

What is good about it?

As we said, in all desktop environments you specify "verbs" and "objects", in one way or another. What is good about Logical Desktop is how you specify those things: 1) in any order 2) with automatic hiding of the things that don't make sense.

  1. In any order: Logical Desktop enables you to specify your action with many possible styles of interaction (file-oriented, task-oriented, program-oriented, device-oriented). Logical Desktop can do that because it treats verbs and objects with complete symmetry and uniformity: you can select both verbs and objects, and in any order.

  2. With automatic hiding: Logical Desktop is more intelligent than traditional systems because it hides the unnecessary things while you are composing the action. More precisely, Logical Desktop hides those verbs/files/devices/programs that make no sense with the current selection. Combining this with the previous point (that you can select anything in any order), we obtain a very powerful mechanism: if you select a verb first, the objects that don't make sense with it are hidden; if you select an object first, the verbs that don't make sense with it are hidden.

Miscellaneous informations

Logical Desktop is created by Maurizio Colucci (email: seguso.forever@tin.it).

Logical Desktop is free software, licensed under the GPL.

Logical Desktop works under GNU/Linux.

Logical Desktop is a sequel to the program segusoLand, by the same author.

Logical Desktop is written entirely as a python script, so it is very easy to run.

Logical Desktop is dedicated to Richard Wagner, the greatest genius of all times.